Through the Eyes of Me

Life of Kara


I am so excited about this time of year! I just had super great Thanksgiving and then a very awesome Loy Krathong and now its all focus on Christmas!! I am done with classes- exams start on the 7th and then finish on the 13th and then its 1 month of baking, writing and watching series and Christmas movies. Today I am going to try out making a Reese Peanut Butter Cup Vanilla Pudding very own creation. (Pictures: 1-Nathan with our beautiful Krathong about to float it in the river 2-Nathan and me in front of random flower thing for Loy Krathong3-Caleb and Nathan with a bunch of shiny Thai fireman )


This is reflection, a mere glimpse, of what life appears to be from my perspective. I can assure inconsistencies, sarcasm, and untruths. I try to be honest, and where I am untruthful I assure you it is ignorance and not lies. If I am to be somebody I would rather stand in the spotlight as me and not as anyone would wish me to be. And that would be my first contradiction. I don't consider this a site 'all about me' because that would be vain, and I'm not vain, though perhaps it may sound that way since I am admitting not to be vain, I am just being honest. The main focus of this would be to share some of my writings with giving a brief history of my life. I want to be prepared, so when I become incredibly famous overnight I already have a site all setup (though I think I would edit this part) Useless rambling.

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